Decoding The Opposite Sex: A Recharge Workshop With Nicole Haley

We all want to create a meaningful relationship but often find ourselves failing at the moment mainly because we don’t understand how the other sex operates. It’s obvious that men and women communicate differently, but did you realize that we date, love, and generally socialize in completely different worlds.

Whether you are single, dating, or in a relationship, knowing how the opposite sex perceives that the world is key. Not to mention, how they navigate it.

While the truth is that the learning never stops, we can decrease the moments of perplexity and frustration and learn to build the relationship we’ve always wanted!

Join Nicole Haley in this workshop, as she will demystify the dynamics between men and women. Together we will identify different communication styles, and gain a new perspective on how to engage and view the opposite sex. By the end of the evening, not only will you have a better understanding of each other, but will have a new appreciation for the men and women in your life.

What you will learn:

    • Uncover the differences between how men and women think.
    • What causes the breakdown in communication between the opposite sex
    • Appreciate the unique roles each gender offers the other.
    • How to honour and respect one another to build healthy loving, supportive relationships

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who’s fired up to push their comfort zone a bit, and to be on their feet and learn. This will not be a lecture style workshop so be prepared to participate and connect with others.


About the facilitator: Nicole Haley
Nicole Haley, Relationship Navigator and founder of Nicole Talks Love, helps women unlock their heart and create lasting empowered love. With over ten years of both teaching and coaching experience, Nicole has developed a signature coaching program that empowers women how to take a different approach to dating and engaging with men. Nicole’s teachings include how to navigate relationships, understand the opposite sex and to own one’s power. Through her workshops and signature coaching program, Nicole has helped hundreds of women to attract and keep the relationship they want. Nicole was recently featured for her skills in this area on both Global BC Morning News and on CKNW the Sex Show.