Facilitator Application

We are looking for leaders, influencers and trend setters in the lifestyle design and intentional living. Your role with our community will be to act as a curator of content and discussion leader. To help us facilitate our mission to elevating each other to maximize our potential in life!

We plan to do this by connecting them with each other giving plenty of time to network share and collaborate, learn and be inspired by top performers in their field (that’s you!), while getting hands on in an accessible and interactive atmosphere. We want this event to be as experiential as it can possibly be and to that end we need your help to create truly innovative discussion and engaging sessions.

“A facilitator is someone who engages in the activity of facilitation. They help a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives.”

Our ask:

  • You work with us collaboratively to create a groundbreaking experience.
  • You will take an active role in promoting the event.
  • You are open and excited to learn! We want people who are always wanting to learn how to be a better presenter and a better person.
  • You should want to learn from the participants (audience) just as much as you wish to share your knowledge and experience.
  • You agree NOT to promote, hard sell or pitch a product/service during your time on stage. We will assist you in achieving your goals in an authentic and measurable way.
  • Facilitate not speak. We want our facilitators to engage and inspire not merely be a talking head.
  • Learn to engage the participants in a new and cutting edge way.
  • Pre event conference calls so that we are able to share our vision and co-create a compelling and engaging keynote with you!
  • Attend a pre event dinner with our team (1 week prior).
  • Attend a pre event speaking development and alignment session.
  • Contribute a blog article(s).
  • You agree to join us for the influencer’s social.