Make your own luck and get it working for you: A RECHARGE WORKSHOP WITH Ben Miller

The word luck may have many different definitions, but one thing is certain; we all know it, people all over the world know it and it’s present in our lives more than we know . By definition, luck is a success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. In the entrepreneurial culture and the circles of life hackers, some discount luck and believe in creating their own success and destiny. In other words, creating your own luck!

So, what role does luck play in our lives exactly and do we have more control over it than we think?

Whether you call it luck, chance or good fortune, it’s not a magical force or ability that some people have and others don’t. In this interactive workshop you will learn that luck is an active process and with a bit of work anyone can bring more of it into their lives. The workshop content is rooted in scientific research and the topics will include : increasing chance opportunities, spontaneity, handling uncertainty, listening to our gut, willingness to act, relaxing and letting go and communicating wants and needs.

The workshop will be organized around several principles that can improve luck/chance opportunities in YOUR own life. Participants will experience those principles in the workshop and leave feeling more comfortable to deploy them in their own lives.

Who is this for?
Anyone who’s fired up to push their comfort zone a bit, and to be on their feet and learn. This will not be a lecture style workshop so be prepared to participate and connect with others.

About the facilitator:
Bens passion involves transforming static ideas into experiential action. Through creating and launching Ben Miller Workshops, working in creative development in film and television, and leading business development for the successful e-learning platform, Pollenize. Ben has developed a diverse set of skills that he brings into every workshop. Ben has conducted team development workshops for many companies and holds a masters from Copenhagen Business School Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship program . Ben’s goal lies in building the human side of business while creating workshops that people look forward to taking time out of their day for.