Belinda is an Australian Creative Director who spent time living and working in the art forward city of San Francisco. After an unforgettable trip to experience the majestic mountains of BC, she traded in her life down under to permanently reside in the city of Vancouver. Acquiring an expansive 15 years experience in the design industry, she became a passionate graphic design geek who thrives on reinventing brand identities. Her ongoing success includes leadership of multiple design teams, strategic creative direction, divergent thinking skills, adaptability and project management. Belinda is continuing to take these skills to the next level applying them to projects that result in long term positive impact on human connection and happiness.

Travelling the globe since she could walk, Belinda places great importance on jetting off to a foreign country once a year to expand her mind, push her physical limits, experience alternate cultures and gain ongoing creative inspiration. From diving the waters of the Galapagos Islands, sailing off the coast of Turkey to hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, she has lived and shared many travel adventures with an ambitious list yet to be pursued.

Adopting a consistent yoga practice 10 years ago, Belinda completed her Vinyasa 200YTT in 2014 in Thailand to deepen her understanding of the ancient practice. Yogic philosophy is at the core of how she chooses to show up on a daily basis and plays a large role in driving one of her life goals of aligning to her true self, being present with her current experience and ultimately serving others by sharing her experience and teaching the benefits of the practice.

Utilizing her creative ability and connection with yogic philosophy, Belinda’s life purpose is to build communities of supportive like-minded individuals and implement strategies to promote self-love, frequent acts of gratitude, spontaneous exchanges of kindness, ongoing personal development, support life transitions and expansion of the heart space. Her desire is for these efforts to result in a positive impact on human connection and happiness on a local and global level; to witness and support the awakening of humans into living authentic and full lives, express their talents to their greatest potential, collaborate with passionate individuals and grow into the best versions of themselves. Most importantly, facilitate breaking down self-created notions of unattainable happiness and encourage people to start exactly where they are.

In addition to her role as Creative Director for Recharge, Belinda is Art Director at Flight Centre Travel Group, Principal of Bella Design.

Favourite quote: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” — Abbie Hoffman