Kelly has had an incredible journey in the role of CEO with Ultimate Skateboard Distributors which operate’s 2 different distribution companies and a 15 year long magazine publication. He also sat alongside many of his childhood icons on the board of directors of the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) based in California (2009 – 2011). His experience within skateboarding also led to a 7-year career judging and consulting for high profile pro skateboard events such as the X-Games and Gravity Games.

Kelly is a founder and president of Just Giver 4PD, a cycling club created to help raise funds and awareness for Parkinson Disease. In the past 8 years JG4PD has raised $280,000 to help ease the burden of those affected by Parkinson’s.

In 2010 Kelly was honoured by Business in Vancouver (BIV) with a Forty Under 40 award. This award is meant to highlight an elite group of top executives who have demonstrated excellence in business judgment, leadership and community contribution before the age of 40.

And finally, in a story of miraculous proportions, Kelly survived the fatal Vancouver plane crash Flight 204 which went down outside of the Vancouver International Airport on Oct 27th 2011. Surviving the impact was incredible enough, but Kelly suffered major injuries including a broken and and now fused spine, multiple upper body fractures, internal injuries and burns. He spent several weeks in the hospital and endured a number of painful surgeries.

But his spirit was never broken. He vowed to be back on his bike to ride again, and, in July 2012, only 8 months from the date of the plane crash he completed the Tour Trans Alp Cycling Race in Europe. He conquered the 7 day, 900km ride through 17 mountain passes and 20,000 meters of elevation.

His story of recovery is one of inspiration, determination and motivation!