Ketevan Natsvlichvili

Having lived in 3 different countries, Ketevan settled in Vancouver to be closer to the mountains and ocean as well as the growing tech industry in 2013. After completing her commerce degree from Canada’s Capital University in Ottawa, Ketevan has worked in finance, communications, marketing and the meeting space industries. Ketevan has a large domain of experience, which spans from corporate workplaces to unique start up environments giving her the know-how of both.

​In her current role as an Operations Manager, she effectively leads various teams bridging vision to execution and is instrumental in the company’s strategic planning including business development, branding, customer acquisition, online marketing, processes and staff management. Ketevan’s passion for taking things from scratch, seeing them grow, and being part of their development is what really drives her.

She has a natural ability to motivate others, an infectious can-do attitude, a vast knowledge base and unparalleled resourcefulness that bring out the very best in people. Ketevan is driven by doing things better, challenging​ the status quo and strategically thinking into the future while keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground.

When not white-boarding, brainstorming concepts and working on launches, Ketevan can be found Cross fitting, hiking, sailing, skiing, paddling or chasing the next adventure. Usually all in the same day. Just kidding. Not really.



We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.