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We are very proud to partner with two incredible gentleman to bring you October’s workshop….


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We know that life gets messy, especially as winter approaches and days get shorter. Despite your best intentions, things start to slowly unravel over time and commitments start getting in the way. New projects happen. Laundry happens. Errands happen. Your best friend’s wedding happens and there is not enough time, energy, or willpower in your day to do something about it.

Clutter takes many forms: what you are eating, what your desk looks like, what commitments you’ve taken on, and who you surround yourself with, just to name a few.

We know you’re up to big things in life, and we want to support you in getting rid of the non-essential, and focusing on that which contributes the most to your goals and aspirations.

Why Decluttering?

When your home is cluttered, it’s more than an aesthetics issue, what diminishes is workability: you can’t find where things are under piles of stuff; hosting a last minute gathering at home requires either more work just to clear the space; or you’re not able to relax at the end of the day.

Decluttering is not about tips and tricks, it’s about taking actionable steps towards increasing the workability of your life.

This workshop is designed to give you an opportunity to deal with the clutter in your life. You will have the opportunity to look at clutter in your communication, your productivity at work, your headspace or other areas that matter to you. You will also learn tools to see what and where the clutter is and what to do about it.

What does this evening look like?

– A balanced approach of engaging group work and individual work using our custom-made workbooks.

– A team of expert facilitators guiding you throughout the day.

– Lots of fun and experimenting with people like you wanting to discover new things to get stuff done.


Our facilitators are co-founders of Relearn Habits, an organization dedicated to leveraging innovative learning methodologies to equip people with the ability to design and implement new habits.

David Kohler, Ph.D.


Empowering people to get how awesome and powerful they are is one of David’s biggest drives in life. He holds a doctorate degree in mathematics and has been teaching this discipline with students for the past 15 years. In the past 3 years, he has taken on to expand his education mission and now trains other educators and is also a coach for personal training and development. David strongly believes that the time is ripe for a revolution in education and he has received several awards for his innovative teaching methods. His secret power: pushing you just out of your comfort zone without you even noticing it.

Cole Nakatani


Cole has a passion for designing and facilitating transformational learning experiences. He is the founder of Ideahack Creative, an innovative digital services agency. He helped launch two innovative courses for first year students and senior students at UBC, and instructed senior level courses on career fundamentals, and personal and professional development.

As a self-proclaimed ‘education hacker’, Cole has been exploring and testing alternative methods to education and learning that enable post-secondary students, and young professionals to thrive.